Spotlight: New Mexico

National Latino Family Report 2024

Abriendo Puertas/Opening Doors, in partnership with UnidosUS and BSP Research, conducted a comprehensive survey of Latino parents of children ages prenatal to five. The nationally representative survey of 1,500 families included an oversample of 200 Latino parents from New Mexico.

New Mexico has the highest percentage of young children who are Hispanic/Latino of any state in the United States, and is currently undergoing a significant expansion of early childhood programming. The results of this survey should therefore be useful to policy-makers and institutional leaders in New Mexico.

Overwhelming Support for Paid Family Leave, Earned Income Tax Credits, Baby Bonds

The data shows that New Mexican Latino families strongly support more social safety net programs. 89% of New Mexico Latino parents support implementing a paid family medical leave policy, with 59% strongly supporting it.
93% of Latino parents identifying as Republican also support 12 weeks paid leave.
88% still support paid leave when informed it would cost employees a few dollars per week.

Support for reducing gaps in Medicaid and CHIP coverage in New Mexico

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The full implementation of the Medicaid Forward program is projected to ensure that all New Mexicans are eligible for health insurance coverage at little or no cost.
67% strongly support (92% overall) adopting Medicaid/CHIP policies to expand coverage.
67% support increasing the Earned Income Tax Credit to benefit working families.
53% strongly support (96% overall) the federal government providing $3,000-$4,000 Baby Bonds accounts for children to later use for college, housing, and business. This program is projected to help reduce the racial gap in wealth facing most Latino children across the country including in New Mexico.

Urgent Need for Child Care and Early Education Expansion

Child care affordability and convenience were top priority of New Mexican families.

say convenient locations are very important.

say affordability is very important.

support more funding for Early Head Start to expand access.

Top qualities Latino families look for in child care in New Mexico

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The health and well-being of the early childhood education workforce is also a top priority. 75% of families say safe working conditions and fair salaries for providers are very important.
95% support increasing pay/benefits for early childhood educators, with 68% strongly supporting. This would benefit many Latino businesses and entrepreneurs in early childhood fields, a majority of whom are women.
91% support (61% strongly) more funding to increase Latinos earning early childhood credentials to expand the workforce.
54% strongly support (94% overall) more funding for parent/family engagement supporting child learning.

Mental Health

Latino families are calling for more mental health support.
96% call for more funding for culturally/linguistically responsive infant mental health services, with 59% strongly supporting.
53% strongly support requiring treatment for those with serious mental illness. 61% strongly support free mental health treatment.